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Updated: May 13, 2023

Why do I need a Nutritionist?

I’m sure you have had a headache before, and I am also sure you were able to sort it out – painkillers. How about a toothache? You highly likely went to the dentist.

You don’t say!

Well, yes, health is oftentimes plain and simple and straight forward; especially eating. So, what does a Nutritionist do? Tell you what to eat?

Yes and no.

Yes, because I know what food will nourish your body, but no, because nutrition is so much more than just food choices so I’m not just going to tell you what to eat.

  • I have studied the human body, on how it works and how it functions the best. I will also do the research for you about a specific metabolic condition or symptoms you have so you don’t have to read 136 pages of clinical papers with intimidating vocabulary.

  • I want the best for you. I have dived into research to see evidence to support my advice. I want you to enjoy mealtimes, social situations and all aspects of life, therefore I will personalise a plan for you.

  • I have read the evidence. I have also listened to the podcasts and read the social media hypes (trust me, it’s a struggle sometimes not to lose patience) to know what’s true and what’s not so you will be less confused.

  • I have made lots of people happy by providing the care and guidance they needed. I helped them navigate the complexity of lifestyle changes and meal plans, simultaneously educating them to make healthier and better choices or sometimes just RELAX.

  • I have created personalised meal plans to support the clients’ nutritional needs. We talked through the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ until being healthy became second nature to them or at the very least they became happier, therefore healthier.

  • We approach diet holistically. Nutrition isn’t just about food, it’s the body and the mind working together to create an amazing experience we call LIFE.

  • Did someone mention exercise? Not yet? Scandalous! A Nutritionist/health professional will also encourage you to take up some form of exercise, the one that makes you happy. Is it yoga, dance, running, gym, swimming, walking? Whatever rocks your boat a Nutritionist will be there to support and encourage you all the way.

If you still have doubts why you should talk to a Nutritionist or you have any questions or health concerns, please do get in touch. You and your Nutritionist can really do some ‘magic’ together!

Healthy regards,


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