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How to stay motivated on your new regime?

Are you a gym person? Well, it's not quite like marmite, there's in between but some people love it, some hate it; and those who don't love it so much might need a push every now and then. It's like that with everything really, I think.

It's all well and good to say go to the gym, change your diet, wake up earlier, take on a new hobby etc but staying on track is a whole different ball game.

10 things that will motivate you to achieve your goals

We are all so determined to begin with (remember your last Ney Year's resolution?), but that's not where the problem lays usually. Maintenance is more difficult than one can imagine.

Here are my Top 10 Tips to stay motivated whatever your goal is, because however amazing the end result might be, the process should be just as enjoyable!

I love the word 'BALANCE' in everything I do. Adopt a balanced approach, be realistic, be proud of your achievements but most of all enjoy the ride!

  1. Set achievable goals - The more realistic your goal is, the higher the chance you are going to get there! Yes, we learn from failures but for now we are going to try to minimise failures! There's no point is trying to achieve something that is never going to happen (like me wanting to sing like Beyonce - it's just not going to happen).

  2. Start small - We often hear 'dream big', that's great, but start with small steps. Big achievements started with small steps. Perseverance is the key.

  3. Make a plan and stick to it - don't commit 99%, commit 100%. The 1% you leave for yourself will sabotage the plan. A plan will also help you check progress. Click HERE do get a FREE downloadable habit tracker.

  4. Track your progress - we humans are wired to have negative bias. Positive changes are often overlooked if they are small, but they are very important! So notice the difference however small it is. If it helps, get a diary, write them down.

  5. Reward yourself - appreciate your wins and allow rewards. If you are on a weight loss journey it doesn't have to be something ultra-calorific for you to start panicking about ruining your progress (a one-off treat won't do that anyway so please don't panic) but it could be a lovely walk somewhere new with your friend or a new plant (I am an absolute plant lover so it is definitely my all time favourite), a book, a new perfume or maybe a new journal to track your progress. Click HERE for extra 5 strategies to stay motivated to eat healthy.

  6. Buddy up - I think the importance of our social support can sometimes be overlooked. Lockdown has definitely highlighted the fact that we are 'social animals' (Elliot Aronson - The Social Animal) and yes you CAN do it alone but sometimes the experience is better when it's shared with our loved-ones.

  7. Practice self-compassion - as a nutritionist, I often need to address this problem but self-compassion is needed in every aspects of our lives. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to your friends. We are so compassionate when we give advice to our loved-ones but we are lacking it when it comes to ourselves. Be kind and loving to yourself too! Say positive things out loud. Let yourself hear kind words.

  8. Allow flexibility - Every day can't be the best day. Your effort cannot be 100% all the time but be proud if you show up every day and give your best. Don't miss out on fun things all the time just because it clashes with rigid plans. Allow rest, allow fun. These things will carry you along your journey and help you go further.

  9. Wear the gear - This is particularly true when we talk about going to the gym but wearing something that is related to our activity/goal makes us feel more part of it. It gives us motivation and vision. If it's a gym kit, we feel like we belong there. A haircut, a suit, the right shoes, an accessory.... they all help us feel more confident and look the part.

  10. Find inspiration - There is a balance between following a lot of people on social media who are absolute pros at their areas of expertise and finding people who have already achieved what you are striving for. The latter could inspire you, the first one can trigger imposter syndrome (if you have it) and make you feel not good enough. Don't let it! Use someone else's achievement to inspire you and to help you stay focused and motivated. Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.

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